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Grain Filler?

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It depends on the wood. Maple for example doesn't need filling but mahogany does. Its purpose is to fill the gaps in the grain to give a smooth surface so that your finish coats are smooth. Jeremy from LGM will definitely be able to give you a far better explanation.


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Keith is right and SwampAsh is the other wood that needs grain filling. If you want a "glass like" finish and you use either Mahogany or SwampAsh(there may be others I don't know about), then you need to fill the grain. There are detailed instructions on the ReRanch site for doing this (www.ReRanch.com). The methods will apply no matter what type of finish you decide on (poly, nitro etc.).

That said, I have seen some people who don't mind a rough finish and just let the nitro or poly sink into the pores. I think these people are in the minority however.

One more thing about grain filling is that you can really enhance the look of Mahogany or SwampAsh with a dark grain filler. It all depends on what type of finish you are trying to achieve.

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