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Kleen Strip spray


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In my recent refinishing project I picked up a can of Keen strip foam in the aerosol can. I used it to strip paint off the headstock of an 85 Gibson with TV yellow finish. Most of the guitar was sanded down but I wanted to use stripper on the headstock to keep the stamped serial number and made in the USA tag. This clean strip stuff seemed to work really well. First off its a thick foam so it will stick to vertical surfaces. It took one application to remove the lacquer, and a second application to take the paint, then I hit it a third time just to clean it a little more thouroughly. Just spray it and wait about 10 minutes and then hit with a plastic scaper. It seemed mild compared to other stippers which is probably a good thing around glue joints (like the pieces gibson scabbed on the sides of my headstock). I used it on both maple and ebony with no discoloration to either. Just wanted to pass the info. along that I think this is a good product for small stripping jobs.

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I think a guide to what method/materials have worked for different people on what guitars would be cool. For instance on many bodies i've had no luck with strippers(rg's with a factory finish,charvette) they just seem to make the finish get shinny and taunt you. But it worked great on my green speaker cab and yamaha with a matte finish.

Anyone else think it would help?

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