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quarter-sawn honduras magahony

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I have a bought a quarter-sawn honduras magahony billet for the construction of the neck.

Question 1: Is this strong enough? I think it is but im not sure.

Question 2: I think im gonna buy a big piece of sapi magahony for the body.

Makes it any difference that the neck and the body are made of two different types of Magahony?

Thanks in advance. Great forum!

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Unless you use a very fine tooth, stablised blade in the saw it will need planing, and most likely it still will if you do. Table saws don't usually leave very flat surfaces when ripping rather than crosscutting.

If you laminate the neck you'll want to use laminations at 90 degrees to the the fretboard, rather than parallell to the fretboard.


Not the way you illustrated, the other way.

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Like a no.4 plane? I think it would be tough to get some thing as long as a neck laminate flat with a shortish plane like that. A big jointing plane would be best, or a planer or thickness sander. You can also glue some sandpaper to a bit of plate glass to get the laminates flat, I've doen it that way.

If you don't have accessa to the correct tools don't sweat it too much - a nice bit of quartered mahogany should be perfectly fine without lamination, unless you plan on a very long, or thin neck.

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a 50 fretter :D I forgot to say the neck blank i'm planning to buy lays outside not inside. Should i buy it or look for a nice piece that is kept inside.

The dude at the woodshop told me that honduras magahony is no longer imported because of overcropping, so i dont know if i'm gonna find a nice quartersawn piece again.

Sorry for asking all these beginner questions

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