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Chibson Without Back-Plates


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Hello everyone!

I'm new to working on guitars and I've done a bit of research on this and haven't found any solid information. 

I picked up a Chibson because I liked the look of the guitar but thought I could easily swap out the pups after watching a tutorial or two. 

The problem I'm running into is that the guitar doesn't have any back plates and the tutorials I've watched required access to the volume/tone pots. 

I could be missing something simple here but could someone please explain how I'd go about swapping the pups on this guitar?

Thanks in advance!



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Looks like the wiring's been done before gluing the top. If you can't see any channels to do the wiring through the pickup cavities, most likely that's the issue. You should be able to add the control cavities by carefully routing the back but it may be fiddly.

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