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MOP overlay


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Not sure what you're asking here.. .006" is 0.15mm which is nothing at all. I normally inlay 1-2mm MOP into my headstocks. When you say routing into the pocket do you mean cutting into the headstock wood (through the veneer)? in which case, that is fine. just do the inlay work after the headstock veneer is glued on to the headstock.

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That's about a dozen times the thickness of a waterslide decal and even those seem to stand proud.

That said, a 3D logo is a valid option. Gluing it securely so it doesn't break at the edge can be tricky for such thin and crisp material, though. Inlaying would protect the edges and if you're careful you can do it without a router. Chisels and knives have been used for centuries before they invented routers, and the results are fantastic even by today's standards.

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