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routing mahogany body


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I have almost finished my templates and am ready to start routing the body. B)

The body will be routed out of a piece of mahogany.

As I understand Mahogany is a soft wood.

What routing speed should I use. :D

My router can go up to 25000 rpm.

Should I use a low or a high speed?

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Going counterclockwise will increase the chances of tearout in certain parts of the body, even tho it is the correct direction per se.

I go clockwise to cut out all the riff-raff wood until I am at about the very last pass, when the bearing will actually hit the template, then I finish up counterclockwise, it does give a cleaner more precise cut in the end.

This has worked the best for me. And I am referring to a hand help 'top down' router, not a table-router, which then might be backwards direction-wise.

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my comment is "routing in a counterclockwise direction is safer" => in 'top down' router

when i write comment.. i dont know.. "counterclockwise direction" words.

i want to say. so make images.. T_T

pardon me..

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I use a spin saw for my routing , it has 2 speeds, 25,000 and 30,000 rpm. I was tearing small chunks out of mahogany at the lower speed at about 3/8" depth. The router is also harder to control, lots of bouncing and vibration. So I agree about making shallow, more frequent passes at the lower speed. Make sure you use guides/templates etc. to follow and your bits are in good condition and GO SLOW.

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