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are you aware of any creative/unusual/interesting neck lamination designs?

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so I have been looking around at differing approaches to neck laminations... started building a photoshop doc just to look at the differing possibilities.  I am aware that some folks do tapered, some don't.  all good.  this guy says it is better if you align your laminations closer with the strings:


I am also aware that there are many differing combos of different sized wood strips... and have found a few I really like.  wanted to catalog some here and ask for input on possible cool variations.

this is a cool and interesting resource from alembic - suggestion "different sounds from different combos" but more importantly... cover a lot of ground as far as different possible looks:


like this one quite a bit - very simple but nice.  it's easy to go over the top IMO with too many wood types and sizes:


this one is simple and lovely but more because of the wood than the actual pattern:


but so far this is my absolute favorite... just love it.  I don't even know why.  again, focused on the pattern as opposed to the wood:


this one is mind blowing but just not interested in the extra work for a scarf:



so... what pattern do you like?  Can you add to the collection here - any pics of nice patterns?

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5 minutes ago, mistermikev said:

this is my absolute favorite... just love it.  I don't even know why.

It looks like the golden ratio has been used quite a lot there. Or at least close enough.

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while that does appear to be the case... if we simply combined the two 1/8" pieces into 2 1/4" piece each... the ratio is still there while the magic is gone, at least for me.  I 'spose if we add in the requirement of asymmetry... then yes. so it def proves a good guideline but not a guarantee for me

iow pretty sure if you start dividing pieces up on this... it's going to get too busy real fast while maintaining that ratio

trying to put it in a box... for some reason I'm really attracted when there are exactly three sizes and one of those sizes is really small... and there aren't too many pieces.  

also, thank you for the response biz.

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while I think diamonds could be a pretty interesting effect... I'm primarily interested in simple designs.  did spark something tho... going to go look at some pool queues (or cues for those not into the levity thing)


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1 hour ago, willliam_q said:

Golden ratio?  Please enlighten me. 😀

it's a math formula.  it occurs in nature all over the place... is used for fractals... and a lot of digital media courses will tell you that it is a recipe for things 'looking good'.  basically a+b/a = a/b.  at least that's my understanding of it.

not to be confused with the godin ratio... which is the number of guitars you have that are not made by godin vs the number of guitar you have that are made  by godin.

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12 hours ago, willliam_q said:

Golden ratio?  Please enlighten me.

It's approximately 1: 0,618 or 1,618: 1 whichever way you like to think about it. It has been used for thousands of years e.g. in the ancient Greek architecture.

If you're just eyeballing, it's close enough to 3:2 or 2:3.

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