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Fret buzz

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Hey team. I recently built a telecaster style guitar. Nice price. Pretty simple as it was my first build. I’m having some problems with fret buzz. I’ve done some reasearch online  and  I can’t find an explanation. Any help would be great on how to get it away. It’s mainly affecting the top 3 strings (lowest notes) 

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Divide and conquer. Fret buzz can be down to a lot of different factors, so while the information out there about how to combat it may seem overwhelming, the only real approach is to investigate as many of the proposed solutions and strike off the ones that lead you nowhere until you're left with the most successful outcome.

Some possible causes can be a neck with not enough relief (curvature), a backbow (curved the wrong way) a warp or twist, high fret(s), excessively worn frets, action too low at the bridge or nut, the particulars of your playing style...

While the primary reason why the strings are buzzing is likely to be that they're striking the frets while they're vibrating, there could be other things that could cause an issue. Consider other secondary sources of buzz such as a pickup set too close to the strings, a nut slot or saddle where the string rubs laterally across a flat spot generating a sitar-like buzz, or even something unrelated that's buzzing sympathetically such as a loose tuner or strap button. The key is working out where the source of the buzz lies. Once that is established you can then work out a strategy to combat it.

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It would also help to know how much of the build you did yourself and how much is factory built. Answers to these will help:

Was it a kit or from scratch?
Were the frets preinstalled or did you hammer them in by yourself?
Was the nut preinstalled and preslotted or made by you either fully or partially?
Have you done any fret leveling? If so, how? What precautions did you make?
Have you done any string height adjustment?

I'm not saying you've done something wrong, these are just for knowing where to start.

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