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Spray Gun and setup

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My lacquer spraying abilities are less than par and I'm wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction

The spray gun I've got is a Stutz FSG-410L HVLP and I've just watched a Youtube where the guy says a HVLP gun is not the best for a novice. He recommended Devilbiss FLG or SataJet RP and a few others that I didn't catch. Are these guns expensive, if so are they worth it?

With the gun I've got, as far as I can determine I'm not getting good atomisation and don't know if I should increase or lower air pressure, etc etc. There are a lot of dials on a spray gun and don't know which way to turn them. Don't get me wrong I have things mostly sorted out, I'm hoping its just a few tweaks here and there

My recent blunders may just have been due to high temperature and humidity but what happens is I spray a pass then when I do the next pass it drys the first pass where they overlap. Its like there's only air at the edges of the fan. This was more the case when the temperature was higher

Air pressure - I used to have it set at about 5psi because that's what I thought they said at the shop where I bought the gun. But recently I looked at the manual and it says 15 to 30psi. So I have increased it to about 15psi

Once again this is an area where I need more light on my work and I have recently purchased another lead light to remedy the situation. So any other recommendations or suggestions would be great

cheers, Doug

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Actually I am mistaken, my spray gun is not a HVLP, its an LVLP...and after Googling more and more I found one guy who recommends them. So you get people recommending things from one end of the scale to the other!

What I find is it sprays the neck and edges of the body okay but does not seem to put out enough for top and back. It has a 1.4mm tip and I'm contemplating going up but how far? The shop where I get my stuff has 1.6 and 2.0mm in stock, but should I just get a HVLP?

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Hmm, I have no experience with an LVLP....I was ready to give advice for an HVLP.  My only suggestion would be to slow down the speed of your pass across the body and maybe move the nozzle closer to the body at the same time. This will of course give you narrower spray bands. Low volume ought to make overlapping more forgiving as well as letting you get a wet coat with less chance of runs, assuming you can force yourself to make a slow enough pass.


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Last couple of times I sprayed I went up to a 2mm tip and I'm sure it was an improvement. The lacquer goes on thick enough to be wet and its a bit faster. However I can still see it drying too fast even on a cool day (around 65 degrees) Think it would still be better with a HVLP gun but want to try increasing the psi before parting with cash

I did the LP copy and the ES and by the way there's still no cracks in the ES!




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