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Gondor International, my review... mop and abalone...

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so I found this place 'gondor' that has a lot of different types of inlay stock - from recon rock to different types of mop... figured I'd give them a small trial run... and figured folks here might be interested in how that turned out... so here is my review.


I think I spent maybe $28 for the whole deal shipped.  Pretty good prices.  It did take quite a long time to get it to me, but I think we can chalk a lot of that up to the covid 19 complications.  I had reached out to gondor because my order was taking longer than expected and they really were very responsive.  They kept following up on the order and reached out to the post office to get an update and subsequently updated me... and for that I would give them high marks afa communication and reliability.

the abalone - it's 1.5mm thick.  very colorful (not sure the pics do it justice).  It does have some pitting in a few of the pieces but nothing that some black fill won't fix.  Looks to be good uniform thickness.  Really decent sized pieces and great color for quite reasonable.

I got a number of flower shaped 1.5mm thick mop.  They have a lot of dif shapes available and that is something that attracted me... will def have to order some of that next time.  Thought the flowers might be nice for a 'tree' inlay like I've seen some here do (was that @komodo ?  with the acoustic guitar with the little flower pedals? that was beautiful.)  Unfortunately they were out of some of the other sizes but I can't complain - it's good looking mop, consistent thickness and at bargain prices.

Mop ovals - very nice figure, 1.3mm thickness, a bargain but wish they had more of the variety in stock.  The two little 'yellowed' pieces there are all white on the other side and good figure (should have snapped another photo but didn't catch it till now. 

Mop large blocks - now these are really thin cut .5mm but the figure, color, and quantity is crazy for the money.  I think they'll work great for doing a logo or name or other decoration on a headstock since you don't have to worry so much about shaving off some on a fretboard radius.  Quite delicate so it might be a challenge to cut them but I knew that going in... might just be really easy. 

Again, this was a test order to just get a variety of inexpensive stuff and see how it went.  I'm thinking this is a pretty solid resource as their pricing is fantastic and am looking forward to placing another order now that I have some confidence in them.

Hope this was a useful review for someone who might be looking like I was!




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