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I have got the body of my first bass cut and sanded to size...EXCEPT near the neck pocket.

I was wondering if anyone knew any ways I could get in there, I still have about 1/2" or so until I reach template size/final shape in these spots. You can see sorta where I'm talking about in the last pic.




All comments and suggestions are welcome ESPECIALLY for my neck problem...any quick solutions would be great, seeings how im STUCk!

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Get one of those sanding drums,with a diameter a little less than the body curve, which you can put in your drill press or radial arm saw.

You can make a sanding drum quite easily as well: Cut two disks with a hole saw, the type that gives you a centre hole, and fit them into the ends of a short piece of PVC pipe. Stick a metal rod through the middle and glue some sandpaper on the pipe. Mount it vertically in your drill press and away you go.


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I actually leave it rough in those areas until the neck pocket and neck have been mated. I also usually rout the neck pocket before cutting the body shape but it can still be done - it's just harder to support the router without the extra wood surrounding the pocket.

Looks very nice. You did the first one in pine, right? Looks like you are moving quickly.

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I figure why wait any longer to get started.

I realize that I may have wanted to route the neck pocket before rough cut, however I'm using the rest of the quilt to laminate on the headstock, and i wanted a nice looking piece for that. I've devised some supports from other wood to hold the routers edges when i route the neck pocket.

Why do you leave it rough in those areas dave?

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It makes it easier to smooth the curves into the neck once you know exactly what the neck's width and location will be. Techincally you should be able to do it ahead of time but even if I'm off by less than 1/32 it bothers me. The neck joint is an area that I really try to get looking it's best.

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