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truss rod

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Well I looked in my book but theres not a bunch of help on truss rods...so a couple questions

What would the best kind of truss rod be for a maple/rosewood fretboard neck. It's a bolt on...

Most importantly though I believe the tool used is a router? or a small router...so how exactly would i do this. I would cut my neck out of the maple block.....then rout the truss rod valley (valley...holy bad word choice :D) anyways, would i then insert the truss rod, and THEN glue the fretboard ontop? how exactly does the process go?

thanks so much

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Howdy, there are lots of styles and designs of truss rods available for all kinds of applications. Check out StewMac website for choices. They also offer very good installation instructions. Personally I like the Bi-flex "Hotrod" style of trussrod. Its very easy to install and you don't have to worry about finding ways to anchor each end.

The basic idea is to rout out a channel in your neck, right down the center at the correct depth and width. You have to decide which end you want to position the adjustment nut of the truss rod and think out a way to make it easily accessible.

Once you lay the truss rod into the slot, and are happy with the positioning, you simply glue and clamp your fretboard down on top of it.

If you wanted to go with a solid maple neck then you rout out the backside, insert the truss rod and then install a long wood plug or "skunkstripe" to cover the hole. Then shape the back of the neck. Heres some info on routers and routing:


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Route the truss rod slot while the neck blank is still all square. That way you have accurate references:

1) Make sure your blank is square.

2) Mark out your neck and rod position using one side as a reference.

3) Route the slot suitable for the design of rod using your reference edge as a guide for your router.

4) bandsaw out your neck fit rod and fret board etc.

Melvyn Hiscock explains it well in his book, both Fender style skunk type types and Gibson style separate fret board types.


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Wes's picture from his "building my neck thru guitar" thread that's pinned at the top of the forum does a good job of showing you.


he's using an attachement that came with the router, and routing the chanel (as mentioned before) while the neck is still a squared block of wood

allied lutherie.com has great prices on double action rods, although a couple of people on this forum have started using them, i haven't personally tried one

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