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Electro Acoustic Control plate hole

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Hi All, 

Im looking into buying this Ozark travel guitar for taking on road trips with me. However its had its electronics ripped out. This has made it a very cheap purchase. 

Any suggestions for a way to cover the hole that is easy? I have no intent of putting electronics back in. 


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I can think of several relatively easy ways to cover the hole.


  • The easiest way: Get a piece of black plastic the size of the electronics and attach it using the original screw holes.
  • Almost as easy, get a piece of veneer of the size of the electronics  and attach it using the original screw holes.
  • A tad more challenging, get two pieces of veneer, one snugly fitting the hole and a larger one to fit inside the guitar so you can use the screw holes to attach them. A patch from the inside, so to say.
  • Same as above but with the large plate on the outside.

I'd do the third, using black wide head screws for a feature and for wood something that would match another part of the guitar. 

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you can get a replacement preamp on evilbay/amazon/dhgate/alliedexpress for $16 or so.  You might have to make a small cut depending on the size, but this would look original, preserve any value, and be more functional.  Just sayin.  I bought a classical (ibanez exotic series) a while back and the eq was having issues... bought a fishman knockoff on allied and it's very nice.  Sounds great, has a tuner, and was pretty easy to install. 

barring that... go on evilbay and for $10 you can get a headstock veneer.  cut to size, screw on. 


here's one under $5


another for $13


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