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two capacitor tele circuit.


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I'd like to add a second capacitor to my neck pickup to make it a bit darker, while keeping the .047 in the master tone. Is a two capacitor system possible? Where in the circuit would I add the capacitor?

To be clear this is a master tone, master volume telecaster with a .047 in the tone. I would like to add a .01 somewhere (To the switch?) so that when ever I switched to the neck it was automatically a bit darker, While the bridge kept the tone it already has. 


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I know that two or more caps can be installed as a bunch in the same location, the values being summed. To me that says that it's possible. Let's wait for the diagram gurus to chime in!

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Strapping the extra capacitor across the two neck pickup leads will darken the neck pickup and leave the bridge pickup unaffected. The catch is that with a standard Tele 3-way switch, when the middle (both pickups) position is selected the extra capacitor will darken both neck and bridge simultaneously.

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