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Best bridge for Tele?

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For vintage vibe and sound, use a compensated 3-saddle like the Vintique. If you aren't that picky, a 6-saddle is a lot easier to adjust. There is a difference in the sound, but it's not a drastic one (now I'm gonna get roasted by the Traditional Tele Anti-Defamation League <ahttp://www.projectguitar.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png' alt=':D'> ). In my experience, Gotoh and Schaller both make excellent fixed bridges - noname stuff is probably worth what you pay for it. After all, it's not a Floyd Rose, it's pretty simple. If you're a Rockabilly fan, you may want to check out Custom Shop Parts' Hot Rod Bridges - not cheap or subtle, but worth a look. For true Tele twang, make sure you buy a string thru bridge.

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I prefer a 3 saddle bridge. I like actual Fenders, or the ones that Stew-Mac sells. (I buy the cheaper version, and add their compensated saddles) Simple, and they have a nice sound.

If you are playing rock or pop, you might want to look at a six saddle bridge. It is a bit easier to adjust intonation with these, although it's not that bad with the 3 saddle bridge.

THe 3 saddle bridge feels a bit more solid to me when I'm playing and bending strings, plus it works well with a clean bridge pickup to make that "Tele Twang" that defines the instrument.

If you want the classic Tele sound and feel, then the three saddle would be the way to go. A lot of younger players (and some older ones too) play Teles with the six saddle bridge and swear by them too. I have tried the Gotoh and WD six saddle bridges, but they never had the same feel for me.

Good Luck,


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Callaham seems to be the hot name for vintage Tele bridges these days.

Something about his construction techniques that are supposedly superior for real Tele twangstuhs.

I agree with above comments, if you're doing anything except very traditional Tele tones, the 6 saddle bridges are just fine, give a bit of a meatier, not-quite-so-traditional Tele sound.

But if twangs the thang, and you're going to use a traditional style Tele bridge pkp, check out a Callaham 3-saddle. I think the rule is steel saddles for Buck Owens/Don Rich super-twang, brass saddles for not-quite-so-twangy 'meatier' twang.

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