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newest design-remade!

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i was hangin on guitar.com a few days ago when i get an email from a guy to check out one of his threads, so i did and he redesigned my painbringer guitar, and i think it looks more sick then before! so heres the link tell me what you guys think, oh and watch out for the wangcaster....


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Yeah it looks pretty mean, (and cool)

Would make for some tedious cutting work though.. :-)

I have always preferred "different" body styles. Get so tired of seeing "everyone" using the same old, boring, cooke-cutter Tele, Strat, SG, LP, Jem bodies.

It's nice with a change, and I hope you go further with your project. Would love to see that guitar come to reality. Good luck! :D

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It looks like a lot of the changes were done to increase stability/strength by getting rid of the thinner areas.

I liked your original headstock better although it does have some thin/weak areas - but those are the areas that make it really mean looking in my opinion.

I wonder if you used something like Wenge (or other) for the headstock if that would help prevent the tips from breaking?

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