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I have been wanting to build a guitar for a while now, and think I am almost ready to start. I have read quite a bit on the subject lately, but am not quite sure what sound I am after or how to get it. I have been playing acoustic guitars for about 8 years, but don't have much experience with electrics. Does anyone know where I could download some sound clips with the setup described to help me figure out what I want.



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I figured that was a long shot, oh well...

I listen to alot of different music, mostly like to play blues, rock, etc.

Some favorites are SRV, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater... All kind of different.

As far as guitar styles, I was thinking something like the Ibanez Satriani guitars. I like the look of quilted maple, so I kind of want to use that, I have read that it gives a "bright" sound which I am not sure that I will like as much though.

Maybe I should build one that will allow me to have a very wide range of sounds available? I found some sound clips on EMG's website and liked some of those, but I don't really know what other factors will affect the sound. Hmm, is there anything that will kind of "limit" me to one type of sound or another that I should be aware of?

Thanks for the quick reply,


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funny thing is...almost all of the people that you mention use alder bodied guitars.

i believe(?) satriani uses mahogany

i would go with alder body,maple neck,and pick the maple top you want and make it(the top) about 1/4" thick

just my suggestion based on the people you mention

as far as pickups...that is tougher

if you like emg i would go with a h-s-s configuration with 85 at the bridge and 2 sa's...you could also go with h-h at 85/85 or 81/85

what type of fretboard do you want?i think the people you mention use rosewood...i like ebony and there are many other choices if you want something distinctive

BUT if you want to make a satriani style guitar,i might suggest mahogany with the same maple top and reccomend an 85 at the bridge because the fat tone of the 85 will helpmake up for the thinner tone of the small body of that guitar

but feel free to ask more questions or disregard everything i said for something else...it is really about what YOU want,but that is what i suggest

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