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Adding a Vox AC30 to a Pignose PGG200 Ukulele


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Hi, I'm trying to fit a Vox AC30 amplug onboard my PGG200. I've routered the cavity to take the AC30, but I'm not sure where to connect the input & output of the AC30. I think it would be easiest to put it between the amp & the speaker. IIMG_20220420_132550_779.thumb.jpg.4df79f062a636f7f2d3fb863107f5e36.jpgs this likely to work? Any help will be very much appreciated. Rgds. Martin

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Hi and welcome aboard!

I'm no electrickery wizard but that one seems like a straigthforward process - or then not!

I had to study those a bit to figure out what type of inputs and outputs there are and the results aren't too encouraging. The Pignose has two outputs but no input, the Vox has a plug for input and a jack for headphone output. And that's a problem you should solve! See, the headphone amp most likely isn't powerful enough to drive the speaker. Thus you should use the Pignose amp as your power amp and the Vox as a preamp similarly to an effects pedal. But how to connect them that way?

Basically the signal comes from the pickup through the volume pot to the amp so there's your input and you should be able to just connect the Vox plug to the volume cables and connect the headphone jack to where the volume cables originally went. BUT: The headphone signal is amplified and the pickup signal isn't. That will overdrive the sound of the Vox. I don't know if that's how overdrive pedals work i.e. will that cause major issues other than a distorted sound. Anyhow, for a clean Vox sound through the Pignose amp you should tear the amplug apart and find and make the connection before the amplifier circuit. Something like that... And the end result may still be something else than expected. I've tested a Pignose amp and for what I remember the sound was far from clean which doesn't make it an ideal power amp.


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