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Guitar price calculator and luthier economics


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 Hey, Im an avid guitar player and always dreamed of buying my own personally built guitar. That lead me to thinking about the pricing of different builds, and how to track the cost of building such a thing. Luckily, im a mathematician/financial analyst, which lead me to building a pricing model-


figured you guys might need a thing of the sorts:) If this is of value, and any would like help fitting this to your business needs please contact me! would really like to make this a lot more robust! Note:This tool and my help offered above are absolutely free, im doing this just because i really love guitars and figured i could help:) if you would like to discuss my business analysis advice in exchange for a deal on a build im more then happy to discuss that too:)

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Hi and welcome!

Google says there's no such spreadsheet. Check the link or permissions.

A cost calculator is a double-edged sword. Although we've been recently discussing the total cost of self built guitars, that may not necessarily be something your wife would like to see. Instead of an easy reading spreadsheet getting the small parts one at a time - "such small common parts cost next to nothing" - can help hiding the total cost. Quality parts are like diamonds, small and delicately crafted... Oh, and don't tell that comparison to the wife!

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Thanks for the reply!


Posted again, hope this link works!


Your comment made me laugh! Yeah, a bad calculator will help hide my expensive hobby from my wife lol!


This tool is more to help price builds (so as a business owner you could manage your pricing structure better!)

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It now opens, but it's "Read Only", saying you'd have to sign into your Google account to be able to ask for permission to modify from the owner.

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Great! Please let me know what you think or if i missed anything!

You can also choose file-> create copy if you prefer to work within google docs! 

Also we can chat on zoom if you want me to help modify it further for your needs:)

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did a recent similar endeavor... more interested in projecting/estimating cost of a build but perhaps I will use to track actualized builds as well.  Posting here in case it offers insight into the way I would use such a sheet. 

for me... I know every build is going to have certain components, and half the battle is remembering what to track.  in an effort to help myself make an accurate prediction on future builds I thought I'd sort of catagorize things to help me recognize what to fill out.  I've set this up as a pivot table in excel (using office libre) with functions to auto calculate qty*cost+shipping=extended cost with totals at bottom.  saved as an xlsx inside a zip.  Below is screenshot for quick reference.



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