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Where do I ground this?


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I have a Gretsch brass-bodied resonator. I bought a flat humbucker from CB Getty last year. I'm just now finally getting around to putting it onto the body.





All I'm gonna do is drill for the 4 screws and the hole to run the wire through, the 2 for the volume & tone pots on the lower bout, and one for the input jack on the side of the body. I'm not going to worry one bit about shielding because the whole body is brass. As I was starting to lay out everything, it hit me.....

Where in the hell am I supposed to ground this thing?  There's no metal bridge!!!!!!!!  We ground the strings to the circut via the wire going from the metal bridge to the common ground, but there ain't no metal bridge!

So what am I supposed to do?

The strings ARE connected to the body through the metal trapeze tailpiece. Strings to t/p which is all metal and screwed to the body.

My thought is to have a common ground attached directly to the body, as it's all metal and connected to the tailpiece. But I'm the inlay guru, not the electronics guru.

please help!

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Ground it to the body. Anywhere that is convenient. Wiring can probably be really simple since the jack and the pots will also be connected to the ground without any additional wires. Although, brass is far less conductive than copper so you may want to route ground by wires too. 

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4 hours ago, avengers63 said:

My thought is to have a common ground attached directly to the body, as it's all metal and connected to the tailpiece.

Ground it wherever you can then. All it needs to be is conductive to the strings in some way. If the strings are in contact with the metal tailpiece, and the tailpiece is in contact with the metal body, then that's your path through.

Grounding the metallic body (either with its own dedicated wire or by way of trying to get to the tailpiece) would also be good, as it provides shielding to the rest of the electronics.

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