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I need info on VS100 trem. Apparently, there are a few versions of the same trem: the 2-stud, 6-stud (vintage), the variations of the two mentioned but with a somewhat locking-by-trem-arm-in-the-back-position (away position, towards the strap button...)... I dunno if this makes sense at all...

mullmuzzler | OSSMT

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took a coupel read thru's but i think i got it... I actually found the bridge in the Wilkinson by gotoh... section, not the normal gotoh section.

According to this the trem arm will lock in one position or swing freely like a regular arm is that what you mean? ok i'll just type out the whole thing (man i wish i had a scanner)

New model number but the same unique vibrato bridge that has become a standard of the industry that all other vibratos are judged by. First Conceived in 1986 it has continued in production with virtually no changes, a true test of classic functional design.

Unsurpassed for performance and tuning stability without the need for a mechanics tool kit to change strings!

A precision machined hardened steel base plate with stainless steel saddles give years of "use and abuse" without failing you, performance to performance. A true professional unit and used by all the best guitar companies and builders in the world.

Saddles that move under the string rob it of energy as the string struggles to stop the saddle from moving thereby losing sustain and sound transfer.

Locking the saddles down to the plate transmits all your strings vibration directly to the bridge and into your guitar, releasing all the tone that other bridges can lose. Other unique features include stainless streel arm in "Wilkinson arm collar" featuring push in arm location and fully adjustable for tension giving you the choice of an arm that will fall away from the playing position or stay exactly where you want it to but still giving you all the sublte control that makes a real vibrato.


stew mac model 3534 is the VSVG

stew mac model 3533 is the VS100N

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Hey, Derek,

I came with something that Gotoh reffers as "Willkinson VS100C"

Here's the qoute from some guy on the net (this is pretty old, from 1993 or so):

The Wilkinson VS100 is a new vibrato system from the

guy who brought you the roller nut you see on modern Strats, and

various other products. (Yes, "vibrato". Tremolo is variation

in volume, vibrato is variation in pitch.) It comes in four

variations: two-stud or six-screw mounting, and "locking"

or "non-locking" arm. I put "locking" in quotes because

it is not locking in the sense of "double locking Floyd"

as we usually call it, where the string is clamped or locked

at both the nut and at the bridge. Rather, the Wilkinson

bridge optionally "locks" into place to prevent it from pivoting.

The term Wilkinson uses for this is "convertible".

The model designations are as follows:

VS100 - two stud mounts, non-locking

VS100V - "vintage", i.e. with six screw mounting, non-locking

VS100C - two stud mounts, convertible

VS100CV - six screw mounting, convertible

Do you know if this VS100C variation is available (StewMac doesn't have any designation after "VS100" like "C" or "CV")?

Thanx in advance

mullmuzzler | OSSMT

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