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Hey guys

I found a place that sells Spruce cheaply.

I know that a lot of companies (Taylor, Martin, Yamaha etc) Use this for their acoustic guitars (mostly on Classic/Spanish guitars, espcially Santos Martinez) but i was wondering if it is every used in solid BODIES. I know (well, im guessing) its not strong enough for a neck, but i was hoping to use for wings on my neck-thru, and a body for my Jaguar.

anyway, thanks in advance!


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Spruce has one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any wood... you shouldn't have much difficulty building a solid body out of it. If a thin, braced top can withstand string tension, a solid body should hold up just fine.

Parker has built guitars with Sitka Spruce bodies and Basswood necks. I've never heard one, but i bet it's pretty lively wood.

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The finish is the hard part. Its so soft to the touch that anything but a hard poly (or the Parker composite shell) will dent up pretty easily. I'd opt for several thinned out washcoats as a sealer. They will soak in like a sponge, almost disappearing. But in penetrating and curing they will strengthen the surface down about 1/8". "Soaking" an acoustic top would harm the resonance. But acoustics take less body abuse than electrics usually, and its more acceptable to have a softer finish on top of an acoustic. I'd use a pickguard, too, even if its a clear one. Any pick scratches would probably dent it up without the heavy poly finish. It will sound pretty open and rich in the mids (I'm including it in "the list", darren) with clean crisp highs. I'd love to make a chambered spruce body for myself one of these days. Even a Les Paul style with the pickguard would be good, because the carved top and the pickguard keep the body out of the way of harm. Because of the strong grains with the soft "meat" in between, it will almost have a hollowbody resonance to it even without chambers. It is perfect for neck through wings because having that neck piece go all the way from nut to bridge really combs out a lot of mid frequency dynamics. Think like "neck through is to compressor, as spruce wings are to expander"

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i get new western red ceda(Noth America) at use guitar body..

that is my new solid guirar body(electric)..



i think red ceda is not strong .. and easy to scratch , so it is need more careful.

so i thnk recover this matter wtih some hard top..

so i make this with 2 maple top ..... pront & back..


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