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Fender VI Baritone

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I have a question I hope someone can answer.

Is it possible to turn a standard guitar into a baritone by just changing the strings and adjusting the setup? Or is a baritone a fundamentally different design?

I have been looking for a Fender VI (original or copy) for a couple years now and they are ridiculously expensive (at least for my budget).

Any help would be appreciated, I need that sound!



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There is no set "baritone" scale length. You can tune a regular guitar down to baritone range (lots of players downtune to B or A) but you'll get better intonation and tonal response from a longer scale length. For what it's worth, the Ernie Ball/Music Man baritone/6-string bass uses a full 30" scale, and it sounds monstrous!

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