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Custom Neck (Worth it?)

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I am about 90% sure I'm going to contract someone to make a custom body for me, and MAY go with a custom made neck. Seeing as how Ibanez does not sell necks directly, I'd need to buy a used 550 or 570 and gank the neck.

I would like to have a 24 fret Wizard neck with a reverse headstock, but am not sure which stock model would have this. The Paul Gilberts have reverse heads, but the neck profile is different from a Wizard, (diff. radius, and thicker overall).

Having said that, who is the BEST, most respected custom neck builder that could make a Wizard style neck with reverse headstock? Or that if I gave exact dimensions for nut width, 1st fret thickness, radius, 12th fret thickness, and last fret thickness? Would have to be a maple neck, ebony board, and 6105 wire. I could always have someone do custom inlays if I wanted them, but would most likely keep it without inlays. Any help/advice appreciated.

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Tommy at USA Custom guitars will do EXACTLY what you want...

If you give him the measurements from the 1st & 12th fret with a pair of callipers he will give you your radius FOR FREE!!!!

He doesn't do Ibanez headstocks, but you might be able to get a paddle headstock form him & just cut it to shape

His stuff SMOKES Warmoth's & he is a SUPER nice guy

He doesn't do inlays, but LGM Guitars does....BEST INLAYS ON THE PLANET!!

Dave K

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