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are JACKSON FLOYD ROSE JT580 any good?

They are definitely inferior trems to a real floyd. The most common problem is the bridge plate stripping out where the allen heads go for the intonation saddles. They materials used are very cheap, and they are very cheaply manufactured. I've had 3 of them, and they all stripped.

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If my knowledge serves me correctly, its a liscensed copy. I would steer clear of those. The only other licensed one i think is worth it is the Schaller from what ive read.

That's a HUGE brush you're painting with. I wouldn't say "stay away from all licensed Floyd copies," especially since I haven't seen a non-licensed floyed in like 90 bajillion years (actually 4-5).

That has nothing to do with the Jackson, trem, just saying.

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Im only going on what i've read and played. I didnt mean to say 'all licensed floyds are crap and will fall apart.' Sorry I worded that wrong. I have seen plenty of real floyds on NEW guitars.

Outside of some of the smaller more "boutique" builders I haven't really seen them on a new guitar in a while. does Fender still have exclusive distribution rights?

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the patent time is almost up, anyway. Technically that means no more "licensed" trems :D

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