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Routing for a reccessed Lo Pro Edge trem?

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I am currently building a 7-string JEM from scratch. I have the body done now and it is time to start the routing of the Tremolo Cavity. I have a 7-String Ibanez Lo Pro Edge Trem. I want the guitar to NOT have a neck angle. I am quite lost where to start as I did not do the neck pcoket route so far. This leaves me countless options how to place the trem, as I could always change the depth of the neck pocket in order to make everything line up properly again. My questions is how deep to recess the trem. Is there a standard? I thought about doing a 4mm recess. And then after the floyd is installed I would route the neck pocket so that everything lines up properly. How deep is the trem recessed on the original JEM?

Please help me here....:D



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I have an origional jem to hand - let me know where you want me to take a measurement and I'll try to do it. You gotta remeber that the lions claw may make it difficult for me to give you a definative depth measurement - but ill try my hardest. :D

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draw a straight line on a peice of paper, about 25.5" long, then draw another line under it to represent the body, now take out your calipers and start measuring, you should be able to figure out the rest :D

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