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Single & 4 Conductor wiring.

Bad Moon Guitars

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How do I wire a single conductor pickup in the neck and a four conductor pickup in the bridge position with a 3way switch? Seymour Duncans site doesnt show a schematic for this combination. :D

Thanks in advance,


how do you want it to function.. N N+B B no coil cutting.. what do ya want it to do.??

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I would suggest


2-neck and half bridge in parallel

3-bridge in series

on one pole of the 3 way wire the neck hot to the neck position and the bridge hot to the bridge position(this pole is hot)

Then on the other pole run the two connected wires of the humbucker to the middle lug (this creates the coil tap) This pole gets grounded.

If the middle position is quiet or thin sounding, reverse the phase of the bridge by switching the hot and ground.

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ok, on the single conducter, the woven metal around the wire is the ground, the wire is the hot.

on the 4-conducter, wire the red and white together, insulate the lead, and forget about them. wire the green and the bare together, that's the ground, and the black is the hot.

now you have hot & ground of each pickup, use a wiring diagram based on that.

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