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Posable Nut Job

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Im having a bit of trouble with the nut on my kramer striker to do with the strings sticking when i tune. the basic problem is that i have fairlly heavy gague strings on there (the fat three are 12 gague) and so when i tune they will stick at the nut.

the one on there is a PVC jobbie and im wondering whether it would be alot easier and a good learning experience to change the nut to something a bit nicer rather than start going at it with a file.

if i do decide to change it can anybody give me some info on how different nut materials would affect the sound and what i should go for

cheers people

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Brass will brighten the tome, Bone and tusq/graphite are pretty mellow. Try some pencil lead in the slots to prevent the catching in the plastic one. If you go brass, use WD40.

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sounds like you defintly need to make the slots bigger, that's always been my experience when going up in string guage on nut'ed guitars, might cost less aswell, and the pencil trick is a good substitute

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