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donnie hunt graphic

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i was looking through the main site last night and i saw the js donnie replica. i really like the graphic on it, does anyone have any suggestions as to where i could get some decent pictures of it so i could attempt to replicate it? ive tried google and most of the pictures are just of the front, i need some of the back and sides and everything to be able to draw it out accurately. or, if anyone knows where i could get some like template for it or something(maybe not but it would be cool if they had these). any help is greatly appreciated. also, if the person who did that replica on the main site sees this, can you tell me how you did it? thnx in advance


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Rich Harris at IbanezRules.com is *the* consumate Donnie guy. He's not too hot on people dup'ing Donnies, but as long as your last name doesn't mean "person from Rome", he'll probably be cool about it.

Check out his site before emailing him. TONS of Donnie pics in his Gallery.


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