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diy mini mig hv solderingiron


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:D ok so i know i am going to get slapped by a bunch of people telling me this will not work so before i even post it. i shall confirm this to you all:

this does in fact work i have done this and tried both regular solder and some very thin brass wire. as well as the component legs themselves.

however i am still constructing this into a pen like or soldering iron like case like what i have proposed in the diagram.

for those faint of heart turn back now.

for the brave souls who continue on. here it is.

so i was thinking one day while repeatedly shocking myself. what if i short across the cap in this flash circuit from a camera.. hmm it ate up the piece of metal that i was screwing with. so while its still in a heavy beta mode i am showing u what i got so far on this diy mini mig soldering iron..


of course inside the small glass rods is heavy duty solid core wire.

still working on the actuall layout of this although the theory is sound

also noted if anyone wishes to try this u dont' need a shcematic to do this u can simply go to yoru local drug store or film developer and ask for some used disposable cameras.


hmmmmmmmmmmmmm white potato chips




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mkay this looks pretty cool.

those camera flash things can be pretty nasty, i remeber getting shocked by one and it actually burnt a little hole in the top few layers of skin on my finger :D

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"Do it yourself" and "high voltage" are two terms i try not to use together. :D

treu but this is also ultra high freq. i mean its along the same principle as a plasma globe just not as hv as that. , but hey to each his own.. i work with tube amps too so it doenstnj' really phase me

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While this might melt solder, I doubt you'd be able to weld with it. And considering soldering irons are dirt cheap, it's probably not worth the risk...

well i am unsure of what you mean as worth the risk.. as its a basic ciruit found in childrens shocker toyz.. so i am quite clueless on that. but

it will melt solder just fine. and on top of that it does wonderous things to component leads too.

of course as with anything i am still tweaking the bugs out of it, but right now it is quite cabable of spot attaching components to a circuit board witout solder. and al though the spot is sufficent enough to hold the components securely it also will allow them to conduct fine.

the only real thing i am working on is trying to make the joint look a little prettyier as its not as pretty as i like

but then again if anyone is familiar with welding u usally have to grind dwon the weld and then polish it up.

i do appreciate the feedback from everyone here and i encourage u to try it for yoruself.. cuase well the principle is the same as a car batteri. if you arc the terminals it will start to disolve metal..

i am suprised however that i never tried this sooner since i have been playing with electricity for over 20 years and figured out the flash ting a good 14 years ago. but it just didnt' dawn on me til now

and if you were to take heavy duty wires and apply the same principle i am doing here and fed it a soft metal ie as brass or some solder it will do the same.

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That's very clever! Let us know when you get it working. I'd love to have something small to tackweld the corners on aluminum chassis!

thanks Lovekraft i apreciate the kind words.

well its still in the heavy prototype stages. and while i am sure it will work on circuit boards as i have already tested it.. for somethign that needs a littler more strength to it i may have to up the voltage requirements on it.. that or just re work the circuit so it has more amperage when i get the final prototype up and running i will try it on a box. and see as right now i know it will melt the little wire running on my step dads mig.. but he has a light guage wire on it according to him but it woudl be sufficent to do some joins on boxes.

if it proves to be not high enough. i am checking the calculations on it and maybe have a small transformer that is wall based but have it dc converted and charge a few heavy duty caps and make it similar to like a weller base station.

it would be nice to have it all ina compact setting.

right now some of the things i have doen with it is attach solid core ground wire to pots inside guitars and fix some capacitor to pot joints on the tone knob.. so i know it is doable jsut havign to finish the prototype stages

i will keep all of you posted

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