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Ok, I'm not sure if this belongs here but I'll go with it anyway.. I'm planning an LP-like project (mahogany body & neck, maple top and ebony fretboard) and I'm stuck deciding what pickups to use.. I'm looking to get a classic rock sort of vintage sound.. Also, I'm a big Strat fan so I'm hoping to get a less muddy sound than the typical LP..

Here are my choices:

-Gibson 500T (bridge) & 496R (neck)

-Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB (bridge) & SH-PG1 (neck)

-Gibson '57 Classics (both)

Some guy is selling a set of 2 '57 Classics for US$118.. For the other Gibson and SD pickups, I'll have to buy them brand new off the net..

I've tried out the LP Classic which has the 500T and 496R and I was pretty happy with the sound.. However, I heard that the pickups that they use in the stock guitars are slightly different from the pickups that they sell, even under the same model name.. Thoughts and suggestions???

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I've heard good things about the Kent Armstrong humbuckers, but don't have any practical experience with'em.

I also don't see anything wrong with grabbing those '57s. Can't go wrong with that, though if you're trying to avoid 'typical' LP sound, obviously that's not the route to take.

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not on yoru list but if you want plenty of cut through but still sound like a lespaul wihtout the mud the try the carvin m22's they have a chart on there to show u waht the freq response is. and i know i plug these alot to people but i don't hardly ever use any other pickups than these or the high gain bridge one, as a matter of fact i had the m22 bridge in my neck and the c22 bridge in my bridge for a warmer bridge and a brighter neck, and it does everything from blues to shred and in between never loosing the clarity i need..

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My Gibson Les Paul DC came with the 492R and '57T set in it and I really liked them. They had a real nice classic rock, AC/DC and Aerosmith type sound to them. I changed them out for EMGs to get a harder sound but they were great pickups.

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