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Retrofitting BC Rich bridge with Kahler

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I have an old BC Rich Mockingbird with one of the Rich bridges similar to this one.


One of the saddles is completely fried(all threads are rusted out) seeing that this bridge is 22 years old and cannot get a replacement.

I am wanting to retrofit the bridge with a Kahler Flyer.

Anyone have any information on how to figure out how to place this on the guitar? I am talking fitting it to scale length. The instructions that came in the Kahler box are geared to a replacement using either the Kahler model that directly replaces the Gibson style Tune-o-matic bridge or a strat type replacement.

I have tried posting on the BC Rich forum, but have not gotten a legitimate answer from anyone there. Figured you guys could help on this.

One more thing. Don't flame this post because of my tremolo choice for this guitar. I picked up the Kahler for $25 for the full trem incl. nut, plus second 85% complete Kahler bridge and three ziplock bags of various parts. I am not spending more money on this guitar as its my beater.

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