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Finishing a Pau Ferro fretboard


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I just put some lemon oil on my PF board once or twice a year. Others may have their own preference for an oil used almost as a conditioner rather than a true finish. Just enough to keep the wood from drying too much and also to pop the grain. I wouldn't spray it with laquer, for instance.

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I use the Stew-Mac fretboard finishing oil.

It is unlike lemon oil in that it doesn't evaporate away...lemon oil usually being mostly mineral spirits. Rather, it is a film finish (although a very very thin one) that will actually seal the wood. It's a wipe-on, wipe-off, let dry and buff product. I love it.

It will remind you of Tru-Oil or Linseed Oil in it's texture, but doesn't go on as thick as those do. I mean, when it's dry after 1-2 coats, it doesn't look anything like a real lacquered board would, but if you applied, say, 10-15 coats of it, it would start to build a finish sooner or later.

I take my dremel and actually buff it out the next day. Makes a very slick and fast 'board.

And it will bring out the figure of the wood.

If the board is old and used, I clean it beforehand with Naptha (lighter fluid) and a toothbrush first, to get all the old finger-grime off and start off nice and clean.

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