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Help! Edge Pro faulty

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Hey guys i recently bought a nice new Ibanez 1570 with the edge-pro bridge, and about 2 hours ago i decided it was time for a string change, so im changin the strings one by one, as not to cause a collapse of the bridge into the cavity, and then wen i get to the g string the string stopper wont come out. If any of uhave the edge-pr u noe wen u use the allen key to loosen the string stopper it comes out, wats ironic is the fact the screw attached to the string stopper cums out, not the actual string stopper. Also its a bit crooked in retrospect to its brethren. Also my bridge did end up falling into the cavity how do i make it pop back up as my strings r closer to the fretboard than i want, and thus the tone is crapper

thanks dudes

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so the g string (har har har) is still under tension? of is it just stuck in the bridge? i think i've had this happen before, get something small enough that will be able to get in that hole where the block is and you just wana give it a couple of little taps to push it away from the string,

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no i mean the actual screw attached to the string stopper cums off wenever i use the allan key to loosen it as opposed to using the allan key to completely loosen the string stopper

now i noe wat all the fuss about Floyd Rose tremolo's is about

how i miss the days of the fixed bridge

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