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i need help fast!!!!


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im wiring my dimarzio evolution and i need to know what wires to use to coil tap it with my push/pull pot, also the old pot that was in had to wires connected to the back of it, one going to the tone pot and one going to the input jack, then yet another not connected to these going to ground, can i just solder all of these wires together on the side of the p/pl pot? i need help REALLY BAD!!!!!

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This is most likely too late (given that it's 7 hours later) unless you're still holding the iron.. In which case, you're a very patient man...

Anyway, to get a single coil split (I'm assuming here..) first solder the black and white wires together.. If you want the north coil, connect the black and white to the green (ground) wire.. If you want the south coil, connect the black and white to the red (hot) wire..



The grey coloured wire's supposed to be the white wire...

And you can solder the wires to the push/pull.. Better idea would be to connect all the ground wires to the same grounding point but I think you'd need a more immediate answer right now..

Check out the shielding tutorial at Guitar Nuts when you've got time..

Oh and the colour scheme for the 2 crappy diagrams are only meant for Dimarzios.. Don't want anyone coming after me for a crapped up wiring.. :D

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7 hours with an iron...wow...that's hardcore dedication to your guitar...

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alright guys heres how i wired it, black and white wires soldered together and to the bottom of the switch, middle soldered to ground, then green and bare soldered together and on ground, then the red wire on the 'hot' of the pot, all five wires on the push/pull pot see? it works fine i just cant use it alone right now.

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So, you should be able to tap the coil now but not select any of the pickup choices, right?

I'm not familiar with the wire color codes for Dimarzio but here's the basics:

Normally, on a HB, two wires that are tied together (red and white for Seymour Duncan) are switched to ground when you want to tap the HB and are left floating when you want a full HB sound.

On your selector switch, you'll need to map out what pins are connected in each of the selector positions. From what I have found, there are some "Standards" followed in some cases but it's always best to check the switch and be sure.

Once you know what pins are connected in each position, then you need to map out what wires belong on each pin.

Do you know what type of switch you have (brand, # of positions)? I have a feeling if I go much further with this, I'm going to confuse you. Maybe I can just help better by knowing what you have and what you want to do.

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