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Everybody is going to laugh at you!!!

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O.k. I am going to get laughed at but o well :D . I have been gifted a bass that will not fit in any case I have run across, locally or on the web. I have asked inside and outside deminsions from about a half dozen stores locally, about 15 online and from the case makers themselves, no go. Has anyone here made a custom case for a bass or guitar? If so what type of materials did you use??? Expecialy for the inside??? I have had trouble in the past glueing foam to anything, it just won't stick for me. Any help and or plans would be great!!! B) Thanks in advance and I hope you don't I am a complete idiot, i.e. "just go build a box big enough for the beast" I am not the best at just making up plans just thought I would ask here first. Thanks again RC

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Wow, those cutaways at the bottom make it pretty big :D. The one at RondoMusic is open (not form fitting) and measures 49" x 15 1/2" x 4" outside... probably too small for yours. Maybe look into a case made for an Explorer bass?


Epiphone Explorer Bass

Brownsvill Bat Bass

Search for "Epiphone EXBCS Explorer Bass Case" I think it should be big enough.

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I was thinking about building a case too, and here were my plans:

use 1/8" or 1/4" lauan for the top and bottom of the case. Plenty strong, and CHEAP. Use 3/4" ply for the sides. The outside I would either coat in pleather, or just paint it black (maybe with that spatter paint stuff?). As for the inside, I would buy foam, and staple it to the case, and staple some soft fabric in. I would also have one piece of 2" housing insulation foam (the stiff blue or pink stuff) upholstered as a support for the neck just past the length of the body, giving the neck support and giving clearance for the headstock.

Any thoughts, anyone?

PS for hardware, I'd just get some stuff from a hardware store. Ho hum.

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Just my .02...

I've been thinking of some custom cases for a while now, and found a guy who was making them back in '80s. Since he's not in that line of work anymore, he was kind enough to explain what he did:

Make a full size 3D template for the case out of styrofoam (you can cut it with hot wire, like on a bandsaw), just 1cm inside of actual size, to allow for the side thickness,

Cut out the top and back out of 3-4mm plywood,

Cut the sides out of 10mm plywood, for round portions make a bunch of 10mm x 10mm x case height sticks of same plywood, and stick them to a strip of jeans cloth using PVA glue (they'll look like gun rounds), and stick it to the mold,

Fill gaps between sticks with sawdust/PVA mix, let dry,

Add top to the mold, let dry, take out styrofoam,

Add back, let dry, sand off excess glue etc,

Mark opening line of the case,

Saw it open,

Take another strip of jeans, 10cm wide, long as needed to go around your case, soak with PVA, fold 3 times to get 3cm wide, thick strip, and glue around the inside of the bottom of the case to form a lip while glue is wet,

You can dress the whole exterior in jeans, also soaked in PVA (I believe surfboards are finished something like that, ofcourse not with jeans

:D ), even mix it with some powder dye,

Fill it with foam from the bottle (for windows and such, don't know proper english word, sorry),

Cut out whatever shape you need,

Upholster it with whatever, add hinges etc...

I would probably add some braces for added strength to both top and back, he didn't do it tho... (I've probably been reading too many books on acoustic guitars...)

DISCLAIMER: I haven't gotten around making one of these as yet, so if you do, please let me know if it works B)

For those who need it, 1in = 2.54cm = 25.4mm.



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BIG THANKS to SKIBUM5545 & GPCUSTOMGUITARS!!!! B) The info on the materials and the techniques you shared kicked my brain into high gear!!! I am going tonight to go to the old Hardware store!!!! I think I am going to build a rectangle out of the materials you suggested and make a form out of the blueboard foam for the inside and neck support!!! The idea about stapeling the fabric/foam never popped into my mind always thinking glue (working with wood too much) so I'll have to pick up a good staple gun!!!! Where do you think I could score some of the pleather you talked about? I might just rhino line the outside!!! Got some left over from a truck bed I just did, the stuff is tuff as nails narly looking plus I have yet to see a case done this way, oopsss how many members are up here??? :D If I don't screw this thing up too bad I'll try and shoot some pix of it in construction and post them. Again thanks for all the help!!! If anyone else has some more suggestions please fill me in. Take Care RC 4XL

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