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Scales and Tones

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Does the type of scale that you use on a guitar (24 3/4, 25, 25 1/2) have any bearing on the tonal characteristic on the finished instrument? I've read somewhere that one of the first things to consider when building a guitar is what scale you want to have, because that sets your overall tone and the type of wood you choose highlights and colors that tone. Is this true? If so, then what type of tone does each scale produce? I got this information from the technical section from Novax Guitars. The author of the article is Ralph Novak and was taken from the 1995 Guild of American Luthiers Convention Lecture. The article is a very intresting to read.

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well there's alot of hooie around it... i have yet to read a shred of indisputable proof that it affects anything other then string tension... who knows maybe i'm wrong...

it is a critical part of planning a guitar though.... once you've chosen your scale everything is kinda built around that... there's not alot of room to change your mind and go from a 24 3/4" to a 25-1/2" scale half way thru making the guitar...

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