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Another 14day project

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This is same water-based color that i used on previous project. It is actually black, but it looks like gray because it is water based. It is lacquered with high gloss lacquer by friend of mine (in small factory where they builds furniture for kitchens on special order). Playability is great, funny on that guitar is that it is heavy like lespaul, but setup on neck, strings and floyd is more like Jem or Jackson :D Most on this guitar i like neck humbucker sound. It is deeeeeep (probably because of position (note: 21frets neck) and combination and amount of wood :D )

Brian: you can get here in Slovenia even Paduak :D But it is a bit pricey. Example: you can get one piece of paduak wood for about 150$.

p.s. sorry for my expression. I'm not good with english language..... B)

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Guest AlexVDL

Another job great done Borut, I'm very impressed!

Geez, I always wanted a PRS guitar with floyd rose... well this one inspires me to build another carved top guitar!

Long live the floyd rose :D:DB)

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That IS very impressive. It also makes me wonder something about laminate tops. Is there a way that laminate tops can be applied so that when contours are carved/shaved/sanded the edges don't completely disappear like near the cutaways on your axe? I never understood how factory-manufactured guitar-makers did that. Again, beautiful job there!

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