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God give me patience now

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arrghhhhhhhh, .....

Despite reading surely every "how to" prepare and paint article on painting a guitar, and buying the correct materials etc, seems my lack of patience will forever be my undoing. So let this be a lesson to others.

The Project - Very very tired and battered Jackson Professional.

Stage - Completely stripped and well sanded body ready for Sanding Sealer

I applied the first coat of a cellulose based sanding sealer with a brush and rubbed down with 3?0 paper and block, and got the expected buff with shiny areas result..... most satisfactory.

Applied second coat and sanded, but still appeared to have the same amount of shiny areas??????

Third coat results were the same....whats going on here....so in desparation applied fourth coat and then rubbed down too soon resulting in horrible gluey type areas where obviously the new layer had "loosened" the lower layers so clogged up the sand paper.

Hind sight is a wonderful thing...seems I was sanding the sealer so lightly that I was actually leaving the brush strokes in and had I sanded a little more would probably not have required any additional layers. Secondly, the additional layers actually softened the previous layers so when sanding, I just got horrible globby areas (technical term).

Hopefully I think that will a bit of filler and patience I will not have to resort to stripping back again, however, all the reading and learning cannot ever substitute actual experience. :D

Wish me luck with the paint spraying stages....

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Oh man I hear ya!!!

Thats my biggest problem too, just wanting to get the body/neck/what ever Im working on, finished.

Ive ruined many hour of labour rushing things and only now am I starting to learn from my mistakes.

You really have to be prepared to just spray one light coat and walk away for a day or two.

Brush on one layer and walk away. What ever it is you are doing if it isnt polyurithane, its gonna take time to get it right.

If the paint recomends 8 hours between sanded coats, leave it 16. At the end of the day, its only gonna look as good as the effort you put in to it. And that effort includes having enough restraint to 'walk away'.

In a months time when your playing you shiny new look guitar youll forget all about the hard work, so trust me its worth it.

Good luck.

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Well BeAR, I am determined to do it this time, I am lucky in that this is my second reasonable guitar, so there should be no need to rush it, but even now as I sit here typing I can feel that little devil on my shoulder whispering "go on Bob, you know you want to, go and rub it down the filler must almost be dry"

go back to the shadows

"oh go on, prod it with your finger to see if its dry - no....in fact why not spray it now, forget the primer, the bumps, the indentations, bolt my precious together and then paint it with an artex roller"


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We wants it, we needs it. Must mess with the PreciousGuitar. Its sitting there waiting to be rubbed down. They stole it from us. Sneaky little ProjectGuitarists Wicked, tricksy, falssse!

No! No! filler is not dry yet!

Yess. PreciousGuitar is ready. All dry and don’t mind those bits and hairs…no one will see them!

ProjectGuitarists is my friend.

You don't have any friends. Nobody likes your workmanship anyway.

Not listening. Not listening

You´re a bodger, and useless.



Go away.

Go away?! Ahahhaa!

I hate you, I hate you.

Where would you be without me? . . I saved us. It was me. We survived because of me.

Not anymore.

What did you say?

ProjectGuitar looks after us now. We don't need you.


Leave now and never come back.


Leave now and never come back!





We told him to go away! And away he goes, preciousguitar. Gone, gone, gone, Captain Vallo is free!

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To bring it back to topic (I know I am the one who diverted it)

Well I have now completed the sanding sealer on the front and the sides and have refilled some minor imperfections on the back. So one more coat of sanding sealer on the back, and then sand, it should be ready for painting.....

However I plan to leave it one day and then go over the whole body with a bright light and magnifying glass just to make one last check for imperfections. Should I find any, I will correct them....yes I will........of course you will.............arghhhhh

PS Great web site, great forum.

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OK folks, I must be getting rid of my demons, as when I got back from work today, and sanded down the back I found three small shiny bits remaining..........................so I have filled them and.........................left them............................and will leave it now till tomorrow.

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don't feel bad i just came home from work after clearcoating my guitar yesterday and thought i would do the back.i put a pint sized can of paint down,covered it with a small piece of posterboard,and set my guitar on it thinking"how could it leave a mark as smooth as posterboard is?"it did.i am going to have to use the fake neck idea in the future.my theory is i do one side at a time while the body is flat to build up thickness,then i will sand it flat and put one thin final coat on.if it doesn't work then i will know better next time but it worked real well with the colored laquer.i will probably do it differently once i have a warm paint shed set up but right now i have a case of the runs.(on my guitar that is)

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Very depressing westhemann.....seems sometimes, mistakes are the only way to learn..despite being grown ups..

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oh wait til you hear this one.yesterday when i did my first clearcoat i forgot to remove the steel wool residue from the bridge mounting holes and on my first spray it blew little pieces of steel wool all over my fresh coat just as my wife walked in to see how it was going.needless to say that is one mistake i will not be repeating.finishing is probably the hardest thing for me but i will get it right as i am very stubborn.(too stubborn maybe?)

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What mistake will you not be making...the wool residue or the Wife bit B)

Well I would have blamed my wife :D

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westhemann, let us write songs about this utopian life upon our not so utopian DIY guitars.

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Hey westheman, how are those songs going.....

An update on the patience thingy....well its definitely improving, I have now finished my second colour coat and considering its my first "real" project of this nature I am most satisfied.......except....the colour.......it is supposed to be Alfa Red(similar to Ferrari Red) except it looks more pink at the moment :D

I am hoping that it is just the grey primer showing through, so I am off to buy another tin of colour and more laquer. (mind you, my patience has improved so much I may never finish this project B) )

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OK westheman (is it west he man, wes the man or west heman?), keep working on those lyrics.

Well patience ran out today, and so did I......to buy some plasti-kote red super spray paint.......bloody hell....what a difference. This stuff goes on beautifully and looks awesome with minimal effort. I must confess that I was a little concerned changed products (other paint was CarPlan Acrylic), but all seems well (at the moment)

All I have to do now is apply the plasti-kote laquer, and Bobs your Uncle (well hes a very happy man with a bright red Jackson)

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where do you get this super spray?i've been having hell with my krylon running.i think i need better paint.if i spray to dry it doesn't flow enough and the second i get it wet it runs.and it's plenty warm so i don't know.maybe i should just invest in a spray gun.(wes the mann)it's my email address and i'm not very creative.plus king macho and #1stud are already taken. B):D

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The spray paint seems to be a general purpose type thing, here is the UK address http://www.spraypaint.co.uk/ though I am sure its an internatioinal product. I got it from a large retail store called Wilkinsons.

I have just given it 3 layers of laquer, and guess what, got a "run" and couple of hair type things....damnation. Apart from that I am pretty pleased, especially considering the condition when I got it, and that this is my first real attemp...I especially like the bit about saving £100 pounds.

All I have to do is remember how to put it all together now :D , though I may invest in some copper based paint to coat all the hollow bits (?????), supposed to provide excellent shielding!

BTW, I am afraid to say that you wife does not agree with your last pseudonymn B) oooopppss

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