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Fret Leveling gone bad

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I just did my first refret on my strat. Everything came out alright until I tried to level the frets. I kept trying to get them all perfectly even but kept screwing up. I took off a bunch of the frets. Luckily I was using Jumbo wire so there is still a good amount of wire there but I left a really flat top and still havent gotton them perfectly even. I used a sharpening stone to level but just re read one of the tutorials and found that one of the guys used his radius block and 400 grit sand paper to level the frets. Is this a better way to go? I also noticed that the low e side is more uneven(un level) then the high e side. I am getting to the point where I am thinking I should judt re do the whole thing. I need all the help I can get right now. Also does anyone know where I could get a crowning file cheaper then stew macs? Thanks, Mike

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do you have a straight edge to measure with?? it's kind of an essential part of leveling... check this thread,


i think warmoth has the cheapest files http://www.warmoth.com/common/supplies/Files.htm

but you only get one size that way

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