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Pus Hooked straight through

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I'm about to do my first wiring job.For 5 years or so I,ve been using my guitar without volume,tone,toggle or input.Just a cut cord soldered to the pu wires and hooked to ground on bridge.

Im sure this is everything that u electric dudes hate.My question is what will my tone benifits be to hook up v,t,t.Considering I never used the tone or turned the v down.

I do want a toggle though for neck pu purposes.

Just wondering

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Actually , if you like your tone, adding V/T controls will only cause you to lose high end because of the pickup loading. I personally would at least run a 1meg resistor across each pickup before the switch, but no law says you have to. The only advantage is being able to adjust your tone/volume without walking back to your amp. If you don't need it, and don't want it, don't do it.

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Just to add to what Lovekraft said, yes, you will get a loss of some high end once you put the 2 tone controls in.. However, there is a little mod that can do to get what you call a no load pot.. The tutorial's in the electronics section of the main site..

What this does is prevents this slight (but hell of a noticable) drop in your guitar's treble even when your tone is on max... If you've never used the volume or tone in your guitars before, this could be a safe way of trying em out.. You retain your original tone while being able to utilize the volume and tone controls.. Hope this makes sense.. :D

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