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How much paint do I need?


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Ok, a friend and I are painting two axes, and we're going to use the same paint scheme: a magenta/gold color-shifting paint from Duplicolor called mirage.

The set comes with three cans, 8 oz. each. The second can, the color one, says to spray 3-6 coats. I intend to go for all six, to maximize the shift. My question is: will I be able to get 12 coats of paint out of an 8 oz. can?

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I don't believe you will get 12 coats out of an 8oz can. I'd start out with a minimum of two sets. A lot will depend on the thickness of each coat. Using fairly heavy coats (8) I use about a can and a half at 10oz each for one guitar. This includes headstock also, but I am not qualified to give you a firm answer, sorry.

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Two cans of color for each guitar body and DO NOT put on thick coats with that particular brand of rattle can, mist them!

If you go with thick it won't dry properly and your going to get a run that will ruin your weekend.............not to mention your budjet for the project :D

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