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Binding Size


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I am goint to bind the neck on my project. I just want to do a single piece, nothing layered. Anyway, what is a standard dimension for this application? Here is the link to stewmacs page;



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I don't know what is standard, but I am using 0.090" width x 1/4" x 54" on the neck of my bass... and it looks good. But of course if you are making a guitar, a smaller binding is probably better...

What do the professionals here say?

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Not a pro, just something I stumbled across when I was wondering the same thing--

Whoever had answered the question indicated that 0.090 was sort of the 'standard', but that a first-timer might have more luck with 0.060, which will be easier to work. Obviously the aesthetics of the different widths will affect your decision, too, but I'm going with the recommendation of 0.060, myself.


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