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piranha pine

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Nice looking body but................

Isn't there always a but :D

The pine family is known for having way to much sap in the wood itself so unless those are very old cured pieces wood II'm not sure it would be a good body to start out with.......It's also known for cupping or bending and waving over time...

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I built a tele with a Pirana and mahogany body. Melvyn Hiscock says in his book Pirana is the same density as Alder.

Pirana doesn't have the sap like other pine, it can be a bit knotty but it is very nice to work with.


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I saw these bodies on ebay yesterday, I e-mailed the seller for prices of body blanks he seems cheap.......

£15.00 piranha

mahogany & piranha £20.00

one peice ash at £30.00

£8.90 for p+p

I've brought a Piranha blank for my first build :D

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