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Refinishing a guitar body with binding.

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I have a millinium edition Ibanez Destroyer. It is smaller and shaped differently than the old destroyers. (only a $230 guitar) It has a red metalic finish on it. My goal is to do the burnt technique with the heat gun, and do the "poor mans" burst finish. Then i'm going to route it for an extra humbucker. Problem is, this guitar is bound. I couldn't find anything on the Project Guitar site that had to do with this. I have not yet removed this guitars current finish. The guitar has a white plastic binding around it. Can you tell me what i need to do?

All help is appreciated.


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I start out getting all of the routing done first. Somehow your going to have to remove the binding so you can do the stain and burst but be prepaired to replace it with new since the origuinal might break up in the removal process unless your really really lucky. Heat will loosen the glue to remove it but it will also destroy it, somebody with more experiance will probably come along to tell you a better way I'm sure.

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:D the only thing about that is that i'm attempting to do the burnt finish with a heat gun. using heat to remove the binding might put burn marks where i don't want them. i wish they had a tutorial on binding/rebinding. also, where do u get binding?

thanks your help. now i have an idea of the work im facing

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Stew-Mac will have everything you need.

I can see no way to save the binding, I wouldn't even try it.

Stew-Mac sells a binding router bit kit that has a cutter bit along with several different sized bearings to cut different depths. This is what I use to remove old binding too. It cuts the old binding off and cuts your new channel all at the same time.

They also sell an attachment that goes on a dremel tool that will also cut a binding channel and remove old binding, but it's only 2 sizes, not nearly as versatile as the cutter bit, but also a lot cheaper, but also harder to control when you're using it.

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I read somewhere that most binding is made with HIGHLY FLAMMABLE material. Your heat gun will ignite it, for sure, if that's the case. Binding is relatively cheap-- I'm sure there's a way to get around the binding issue, but I say 'flame on!', take the necessary safety precautions for igniting something highly flammable, and replace the binding with new stuff. ;-)

That's definitely not technical advice, though... I'm sure someone here could advise you on a way to remove the binding if you want to keep it.

As for where to get it, you can try any number of places, including StewMac and LMI.



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