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How hard would this be to fix?

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I found this neck on the bay. The guy tried to put a locking nut on I think. Anyway does anyone have any ideas about how (if its possible) to get the nut back on there and make this a player without putting on a new fretboard. I dont really have any experience with locking nuts but I suppose I would consider it. How much do they run and does it look like it has been set up ok or did the guy butcher it? Thanks!


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If you're competant and have done a little woodworking/guitar building that should be a pretty simple fix. I'd snap it up if you've got a use for it and the price stays low.

I'd repair it by cutting a rosewood offcut to the approx' size, route a rebate of the appropriate size for the nut to sit in, then butt it up against the end of the existing board. You'd also need to sand the radius on the new piece, and carefully sand in the curve where it joins the headstock, but the result should be virtually invisible.

Alternatively, fit a locknut...

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I've replaced the piece above the nut and it wasn't too bad. Get a small piece of rosewood and and a nut and shape the wood to the space you need to fill. I used a scroll saw and a bit of sanding. Then position your wood flush against the nut and glue. Use titebond or something relatively strong. Do not use strong glue to put in the nut. Nuts are $3-10.

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