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aged finishes

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i think i saw on gibson's website before, under their custom shop section, they have a guy that relpicates old finishes like that, but to more of an extreme, almost relicing. it showed a couple of pics how he did them (but its kind of a secret how he gets them to look exactly like that). think they were all done by hand and alot of time i would think.

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I've done finishes like this before and had them turn out great. Basically you want to do your base color, white in this case, then take some paint (I used modeling paint from a hobby shop, but a wood stain would probably work well) in a darker color, such as a dark amber or brown. Then you'll want to make sure the paint is thin enough not to completely cover up the white, but not so thin that it runs all over...

Brush that on very quickly and don't worry about it being even because, well, that's the point. Then immediately take a soft cloth and dab off the "stain", leaving more around places where dirt would collect, such as where the pickups and knobs will go. The main thing to remember is that you can always add more, but it's hard to take it away.

Then just let it dry a good amount of time and then clear it. I wouldn't buff and polish it too much, since that'll take away from the aged look. Just wet sand it up to the finest grit you can get and leave it a dull finish.

Hope that's what you're looking for. :D

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