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TOM bridge neck angle??

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There is no correct answer - neck angle is affected by where the neck joins the body, how tall the specific bridge is, how long your scale length is, whether you have a carved top, how thick your fretboard is....

In short, draw it out full size, and then you'll know - otherwise you're just guessing.

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1 -3 degrees is pretty much ballpark for the adjustment range for a TOM bridge. Regardless what you are using, unless you are building an unusual guitar with a really high fretboard or a sunken bridge, you can't go wrong with that range of neck angle. Your bridge adjustment should be able to compensate to get your action where you want it. I took measurements from a carved top LP copy and found the angle to be 3 degrees. Flat top guitar can go with 1 or 2 degrees.

But DO follow Setch's advice. Make some drawings with your proposed neck/scale length and your bridge range adjustments (lowest to highest) to figure out your optimum neck angle. I prefer to figure it with the bridge set around the middle. And who said I would never use my high school math again? I'm glad I kept my old trigonometry text! VERY handy for this kinda thing!

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