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Refinishing a set neck?


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How difficult would it be to refinish an SG? Mine is currently black but i want to make it alpine white with gold hardware etc. but it does mean i will need to refinish the neck as well. I need to know how i would get the neck off, how to reattach it, stripping the neck and all the other problems i may encounter. Thanks in advance

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I don't think you want to take a set-neck off a guitar for refinishing purposes. Taking a set-neck off is probably the most difficult "typical" guitar repair procedure. I don't even do it when asked to , because I have not totally mastered it , and I don't offer a service I can't do perfect. It even requires fret-leveling or refretting after putting a set-neck back on (ok, I can do that part). If you really must refinish the guitar, tape off the neck and leave it on (which I don't recommend, because it will take years for the new paint to dry out and sound as good as the old paint, plus you could be doing some serious de-valuing of a vintage, or future-to-be-vintage guitar).

If this is a Gibson guitar, please think very very long and hard about this.

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