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Flanger Help

Curtis P

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Hey Hey

I am hopefully about to aquire a Flanger, i dunno who makes it, but its old school, and when it did work it sounded great, its my friends and when he went to put a new battery in, the cord peice came with the old battery, so he soldered it back together, but it didnt work right since, maybe a bit of solder shorted something out? I aint too sure, thats what i am figuring, anyways, if he gives it to me, which he probaly will, what should I do? I think i can research it on guitargadgets and get the schematic for it, but while I am at it, what can I do to mod it? make it sound really killer??



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when you say it didnt work right what do you mean. eg how did it sound or peform different??

mods i can't help you with tho im sure if you look around and find a schematic for it then you can find something onit to mod

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